Delivery and payment

Convenience of payment

Cash to the courier upon delivery by the Courier. - (Mon-Fri. 10.00-19.00) Only for Zhitomir.

Transfer to a Privat bank card. ... You can pay for your order in any branch of Privat Bank or in the client bank system (Privat 24) by replenishing your card account.

The details are communicated in the form of an SMS message to your phone number within 5-10 minutes after confirming your order.

Payment by cash on delivery at the office of "New Mail".

Payment is made upon receipt of the goods in the warehouse (or at the address for address delivery).


When paying on a Privat Bank card, an additional 0.5% bank commission is paid.

When paying by cash on delivery, the buyer pays a commission for the transfer of money by "New Mail" - + 2% of the amount.


Delivery by New Mail

Delivery is carried out to your chosen warehouse of "Nova Poshta" in your locality, or to the address in person. Delivery takes on average 1 - 3 days. Payment for delivery is carried out at the expense of the buyer, at the time of receipt of the goods. Cost from 30 UAH.