About silk - interesting and informative

  • About silk - interesting and informative

Almost everyone knows what silk is. And in the wardrobes of millions of fashionistas there are always outfits made from this material. We specialize in tailoring branded women's clothing, which is characterized by high quality, uniqueness and attractive appearance. Therefore, the catalog of the online store "LUDMILA FASHION" presents a wide range of silk products. Today we bring to your attention some interesting facts about this material.

Silk: history of origin, manufacturing process, features

1. Silk is a fiber of natural origin. Thin threads are extracted from silkworm cocoons. China is considered the birthplace of the fabric. The legend tells that silk fibers were discovered by accident. Hen-Li-Chi - the Chinese empress - missed the cocoon in hot water. Under thermal influence, silk threads began to stand out from the cocoon. However, archaeological excavations confirm that this natural material was discovered a thousand years earlier.

2. Initially, only overseas rulers could afford silk clothes. The fabric cost fabulous money, which is explained by its undeniable advantages: softness, air conduction, moisture resistance. In addition, silk has antiseptic properties, maintains an optimal microclimate of the body in any weather. Nowadays, this material is also expensive. But not only rulers can afford it.

3. Silk production was monopolized by the Chinese emperor. The fabric production technology was a trade secret. It was strictly guarded and not disclosed for a long time. It was also forbidden to export silkworm cocoons from the country.

4. Silk thread is produced by a special gland. It is located in the head of the caterpillar, which wraps around the cocoon in a circular motion. The length of the thread reaches 4,000 meters. In industrial production, cocoons are dipped in hot water. This is necessary to kill the butterfly, which, when hatching, can damage the thread.

5. Silk thread is characterized by elasticity, strength, brilliance. It withstands heavy loads, provides a high density of weaving, and is resistant to tearing. Therefore, silk clothing is wear-resistant, durable and very beautiful.

6. Silk clothes belong to the category of elite outfits. She models the figure, hides its flaws, endows the owner with signs of status and prosperity. An evening dress or a silk suit attracts the attention of those around you from afar. Consumer characteristics of silk dresses are also on top. Lightness, weightlessness, tenderness, good ventilation, hypoallergenicity, freedom of movement, almost imperceptible seams.

7. Two disadvantages of silk are wrinkling and susceptibility to water stains. Silk clothes should not be strongly twisted and rubbed. It can only be ironed from the inside, when wet. It is permissible to remove stains only with gentle detergents. And the wetting of clothes should be uniform. Otherwise, on wet places, when dried, spots of a darker or lighter shade are formed than the main color of the dress.

We bring to your attention a wide choice of silk women's clothing. To buy branded silk outfits with delivery in Ukraine, go to the LUDMILA FASHION online catalog, choose the right products and place an order today!

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